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Welcome to Salt Room Millenia

Orlando’s Only Himalayan Salt Therapy Respiratory Treatment Center. Now for the first time you can control the symptoms, inflammation and discomfort of a variety of respiratory ailments in a sophisticated spa-like environment.

Relax in our Himalayan Treatment Rooms while pure salt crystals flow through your lungs and sinuses — providing natural relief from your allergy attacks and other respiratory ailments to help you breathe better. Salt therapy at Salt Room Millenia can help you feel good whether you come on your own or on your doctor’s advice as the complement to a prescribed treatment regimen. It’s clean…it’s absolutely safe…and you’ll feel great!

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Is Treatment at Salt Room Millenia Right for You?

Salt Room Millenia was specifically designed for people suffering from respiratory and skin issues ranging from COPD, asthma and allergies to eczema.

Consider the following reasons you may want to give Salt Room Millenia a try:

If you’ve ever breathed easier after spending a few days at the beach, you know first hand the relief salt air can provide. The difference is our dry salt vs. wet salt air. The salt therapy rooms are highly-controlled and concentrated, so symptoms frequently improve after only one session, however in acute conditions multiple session may be required.
Each has been meticulously designed to enhance the treatment experience. Learn more about our quiet Relaxation Room and our fun Children/Family room.
Dry salt aerosol therapy is 100% drug free and can be used safely in combination with your current medications and treatments to provide relief like you’ve never experienced before.
In clinical tests salt therapy (also known as halotherapy) has proven effective at relieving symptoms of a variety of respiratory and skin ailments. Learn more about how salt therapy works including its background and the conditions it treats.
A recent paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that long-term salt treatment had a positive impact on lung function and reduced pulmonary exacerbations and did not have any negative side effects.

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