I’d never heard about salt rooms or the positive impact that receiving salt treatments can have. My friend sandy recommended one of the salt treatments and i really enjoyed it. I felt very refreshed afterwards and look forward to doing it again sometime in the future. This location has other services such as acupuncture and herbal recommendations which are always a plus. After my treatment i went home and researched the science behind the salt rooms and it is quite amazing. I recommend you go yourself and check it out. I definitely enjoyed myself :)

Albert R.

Soooooo happy my friend told me about this place. I had a groupon that was purchased for me during the holidays. My seasonal allergies had kicked in full force. Most time zyrtec works but I was miserable for over a week. After one session I felt better, my nasal drip stopped, red eyes, sore throat stopped, and I could finally sleep :)! Definitely a good alternative if you suffer from allergies.

Emily T.

I was very skeptical about whether or not Salt Rooms were a hoax but I witnessed the benefits first hand and loved it! I suffer from seasonal allergies pretty severly and I felt like I could breathe better after just one session. And not just a little better- a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

The place is very clean and serene. One warning though- be careful what you wear because you will be covered in a light layer of salt.

I brought a book with me and just read- it was so relaxing. Most people they say fall asleep and I was close.

I loved this and look forward to going back.

Anna-Marie W.

This place is fantastic! The benefits of salt therapy is amazing. If you suffer from allergies, chronic sinus or upper respiratory issues, this is a must try. Jason is a compassionate and skilled header.

Traci D.