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Salt therapy is 100% natural and is great complimentary treatment to help alleviate the symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions.

Relax and Breathe easier today with Salt Therapy.

The word halo comes from the Greek language and means “salt”.  Since it is difficult for most people to travel to Eastern Europe to such places as Ukraine or Serbia to experience the salt treatment, halo therapy is a recreation of a real salt cave.  In our salt room, the whole room (ceiling and walls) are covered in Himalayan Salt.  Himalayan salt is the purest and healthiest salt in the world containing all 84 minerals that the body needs.   Then, through the use of a halongerator, this microclimate is reproduced, circulating a therapeutic, dry aerosol salt into the room.  The generator takes pharmaceutical grade salt that is crushed into small breathable particles that are able to penetrate the lungs for absorption.  The salt rooms are climate controlled environments that are sterile and dry, where humidity, temperature, and air content are constantly regulated.

Each session is approximately 45 minutes long.  If you are coming for the first time, we would ask for you to be here a few minutes early to fill out our Intake Form.   You can print it out in the comfort of your own home and bring it with you.  Please wear regular casual clothing, because the atmosphere is so serene and peaceful, most people fall asleep during their session.  Some people bring their iPod and listen to music; others read a book or a magazine.  We have also hosted sessions for businesses and groups meeting in our salt room.  The adult session can host up to 8 adults at a time and special group discounts may be given, so please contact us for more information.

For millennia people around the world have known about the curative and restorative properties of salt.  Perhaps the most well-known example of this is the Dead Sea.  People have flocked from all over the world to experience the wonder of this natural phenomenon.  Many reports have been documented of people who have had various skin and other health conditions that have cleared after exposure to the high concentrations of salt.  In modern times, it was noted by a Polish physician, who in 1843 documented that salt cave or salt mine exposure resulted in lesser cases of lung disease.  What was attributed to this was the dry salt particles that were in the air that these people were exposed too.  Since this time halotherapy or speleotherapy has made its way to the USA and other parts of the world to recreate this healing atmosphere that is still found in salt caves around the world.  Since these particles are breathed in, the benefits are most powerful for those with respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cold and flu’s, or skin conditions such as eczema.

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