Let your kids relax and breathe easier today with Salt Therapy.


How long is a children's session?

A typical session for children is 30 minutes.

Can adults go in with their children?

Of course.  Adults can go in to the session for an additional 5 dollars.  We highly encourage adults to be present with their children during the session.

What is the cost of a children's session?

We are running some incredible specials right now.  Otherwise, you can see our regular pricing here.

Is there any paperwork as a new client?

We would like to know a little about you, so download our Intake Form and bring it with you filled out to the first session.

Single Session $20

* Two Parents/Adult Caregivers per child may go in with children at $5 per visit for Kids Sessions.


Want to learn more about some of the symptoms Salt Therapy can help?

Is it your first time with us?  Download, print out, and fill out our Intake Form so we can known a little more about you.

Our kids room is completely cover with Himalayan salt.  While kids are in session they are able to actually play directly in the Himalayan Salt that is the the “salt box.”  Therefore, they will be exposing the purest Himalayan salt directly to their skin and also breathing in the microscopic particles.  Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt in the world and it has 84 different minerals, which the body needs to be able to function properly.  Most people, including children, are very deficient in minerals due to the poor food sources that we have today.  Kids today also don’t eat the necessary numbers of vegetables, which are the nutrients dense food needed for the body.  Himalayan salt is a great addition to anyone’s diet and we are unique among salt rooms for having the Himalayan salt.

During the session, kids are able to go down our slide or play with toys, all while breathing in the finest pharmaceutical grade salt available today.  Respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, colds and flus are on the rise for children like never before.  Skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis have also been on the rise for children in the last 50 years.   Salt therapy, otherwise known as halotherapy, is a wonderful alternative natural heath option for children that are wrestling with these issues.  We have had great results with children.