Consultation Session with Dr. Kimberly Liu, DOM/AP/Primary Physician

Call to book your appointment:  407 418 2204

with Dr. Liu for counseling on the proper Holistic/Natural Health Program

Regiment suited best to your Health Needs.

Approximately 1.5 to 2 Hour Session.  Complete Medical Review, Health Issues of Concern,

Treatment and Supplement Plan and 1st Treatment Session.

Treatments Available include: Acupuncture, Herbal Supplementation, Diet Analysis and Recommendations, Moxa,

Cupping, Ear Seeds, Ear Candleing, Therapeutic Oriental Massage Stimulation for increased Circulation

Light Force Deep Tissue Pain Relief Laser Treatments

2 Session for $125.00

 ( reg. price of $75 per session)

$25.00 Savings

Call for Appointment and Mention January Online Special:  407 418 2204

Valid 12/22/16 to 1/31/17

Bring Doctors/Therapists referral information on area to be treated or

Book an Appointment with Dr. Liu for analysis on area of concern for treatment.

Reduces deep tissue Pain and Inflammation Faster. Promotes cellular healing.  Scar Tissue Pain Release

Surgery FREE / Drug FREE

Quicker recovery time so you can return to the activities you love.

BIOMAT Specials

 Biomat for 1st time Biomat clients – One 45 minute Session for $30.00

$15.00 Savings

Call for Appointment and Mention January Online Special:  407 418 2204

Valid 12/22/16 to 1/31/17

Far Infrared Light Rays from Amethyst Detox the Body, Improves Circulation, Relieves Pain from arthritis, backaches, etc, Alkalizes the Body, Purifies Blood, Revives Cells, Improves Immune System and more

Health Education Classes with Dr. Kimberly Liu

No Charge/Free Health Classes at Salt Room Millenia Wellness Center Meeting Room

January Class Schedule to be announced